Its too dark to see on Rust! Just bought the game!

Hello, I just recently bought rust and it is to dark to see anything

Help me please! I really like the game what i’ve read on it and i want to play it badly

I play on Linux if that can help anything

That happened in the last patch. Try running in DirectX 9 mode. If you don’t have the option to pick DX9 yet, put “-force-d3d9” in the Rust launch options.

Im sorry, where can i find that at?

Right-click Rust in the Steam library, hit properties, and then the launch options button.

Oh, now I see your posticons and see that you’re on Linux. Not so sure about how to tackle this problem for that, but know that this is a bug that hit in the last weekly patch on Thursday, and it’s not too surprising as the devs did a bunch of overhauling with textures, asset bundles, and adding DirectX 11 support, and it didn’t all go perfectly the first try. Expect a fix in the reasonably-near future, since it’s affected a number of people.

Press F2 in-game and turn off “gray-scale”,you can turn on/off other things too to see if they improve performance.

I dont have that setting on my F2 area. I run on linux mint and i dont know if that is why