It's tough to be a scientist

unfinished earlier version before the game went gay and screwed up the lighting when i reloaded the save:

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Garry has to fix the GMod 13 light issue. You almost have to turn the lamp down to a minimum to avoid it turning any model in to a snowman. Nice pic though. Love the edit^^

Low-poly ass


I really don’t know what’s going on in this pose, and why the focus is a lady sitting idly and doing absolutely nothing while looking away from the camera, but the last bit made it all worth it.

shes just thinking about elis long hard throbbing xenium resonator

What you need, use Ragdoll Mover for poses like this.

I’m serious it would help a lot. Winded developed it along with Stand pose.

But yeah I can imagine what you were trying to do, however it didn’t come out so well. I still like this image though.

does it help lower ass to the ground because its quite clearly floating

Yeah the ragdoll mover is precise. A lot slower for posing completely but for minor flaws in posing by physgun it’s really useful.

Right clicking on the bones will change it between rotating and movement in a XYZ.

mmm i will put this into consideration as i begin my masturbation ritual

Ha, I remember seeing this on DeviantArt, you called this “In Mammary of Eli”.