ITT: I make cool media for your mapping projects.

 IF you need any more artistic requests of any sort, please redirect yourself to my site:

Basically what the title says, not everyone is photoshop savvy, so I can help you all. I’d post this in the art section but I doubt many mappers look through there.

Examples (feel free to use):

So basically, if you need mapping related media, textures, logos, any artwork in general, request it in this thread, and me, or another very kind facepuncher would be glad to help.




Could you make some graffiti or writing Rebels would write demeaning the combine and shit like Down with Breen, it would help for a SP map im making.

Just the thing i was needing,
Could you add me on steam please, conn08.

Oh and i love they banners!


Never mind i added you, Please acsept.

Will work on it tonight, I think the way i’m going to do this is let the requests fill up, finish them in the night, and PM them to the requester(s).



make some poster decals so everyone stops spamming breen


Also, Wouldn’t it be better to post the results here? To show off you hard work? And to share with even more people?

I suppose that’s true, expect progess in a few.

You might get a lot of requests, and even though I’m not an expert photoshopper I suggest you get some help doing this to make production go a lot faster. :razz:

Here’s my take on C17 propaganda, you can take it or leave it. The vmf and vmt’s will follow shortly.


Is that an offer? :whatup:

It’s more of a suggestion, but I might offer my assistance later.

Can I add you…?

Yes sir.

2nd is my favorite but last fits FP the best

Could you make some 1940’s German and American war propaganda?

thats fucking awesome!!!

I added you.

You’re work is amazing man! Would you eventually like to do any promotional posters/banners/media for the SpaceBuild Community Mapping Project?

Thanks a lot man, I would love to. :razz:

Yes I can, will update post with content.