itt: Who else waits patiently Friblogs

This is a moderate waste of bandwidth, but I feel really bored waiting and would like to discuss. ;D

Who else is up all morning on Friday for those other morning folks, waiting patiently for Garry to summarize and beautify the fruits of the week’s work? I absolutely love those weekly posts, so invigorating and relieving, seeing the game come together piece by piece, even if a week is weak on visual updates and is just a bunch of asset pictures and text about opinions or design points(Or flaws/problems!). I’m going to be pretty sad when they’re not a thing anymore, I’m sure they’re a fair bit of work considering garry puts them all together in css format. Which isn’t hard, just more time consuming than writing a forum post. Whenever they start to trail off and garry no longer wants to do them every week, I hope they move onto forum posts for a while before finally dying off.

Thanks a tonne to the whole development team, for your great presentation of your efforts, which may be a lot of uselessness towards game development, but really does bolster developer to community interaction and communication. <3

admittedly i may have checked the playrust page a few times so far tonight;) not that i’m keen or anything.

Yes… I refresh the at least once every 30 minutes on friday until the devblog is up.

No shame on that (I guess).

Wow that’s pretty weak man. You gotta check it atleast 3times per hour.


Samehere checking it every 30mins for some News

Yep, I refresh on it about once every 10-15mins untill it is up.

Patiently? HAH

its like nope not yet :dance: