I'v' been in dilemma about this for more then 5 year's

One simple question

Before i tell you it

  1. I have searched it before
  2. I have played garry’s mode before
  3. I love it
  4. Yep
  5. Random people messes me up

Okay … so!

So you need Source games to get garry’s mod more prop’s , but what are the most used games for them?

I got
Maybe something els ( some free Half Life part’s , the first one’s i guess )

Thanks !

CS:S. It’s used everywhere

it’s everywhere, EVERY WHERE

Thank’s for the answers!

I got another question , the Gmod 13 is going to be as a new game , or just like a DLC ( or something like huge patch? )

It’s probably a patch knowing that GMOD is GMOD.

Huge patch