ivan the space biker hl2 version

can anyone make a ivan the space biker model that looks like its from hl2

You mean like a high-poly Ivan?

I support this.

thank you i think ivan is my favorite char of half life

Sad that he never really was a character.

gordon freeman had to steal his job

Who ever said ivan, if he was retconned as a true character, even worked anywhere near gordons area of black mesa?

Maybe if theres a model we could modify, then we could easily make ivan with medal of honors dusty’s beard!

ivan worked in black mesa but when gordon came ivan was fired

in other words when half life beta was over gordon came

That would mean two black mesa incidents.


See, the government successfully contained the first Black Mesa Incident in which Ivan helped stop the aliens but then Ivan got fired because the government wanted Ivan to remain quiet so they fired him because no one would believe a guy who has a beard that amazing and a story so crazy.
This is all true. Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

Im thinking parts of:

Fo3 Astronaut

MoH Dusty’s beard

Might work for helping ivan be made.

Now if only i could find that, or a similar astronaut.

it might be a conspiracy

but where is ivan now since the combine took over?

Raising hell.

Or stuck on xen feasting on headcrabs for food.

It’s obvious that the entire beginning of HL1 you play as Ivan, up to the point where you cause the Resonance Cascade, and once that happens, he gets transported to the L4D dimension where he forms the “Midnight Riders”. Once you get teleported in HL1 right after the accident, some random scientist named Gordon Freeman is thrown into the mix.

the l4d part might be a little stupid