i've added fa:s 2 weapons to Stronghold gamemode but i don't know how to add the attachments

Hi, i’m actually replacing the weapons of Stronghold gamemode by the fa:s 2 weapon’s.
It work pretty well, i just replaced the lua from the weapons of the gamemode by the lua from fa:s.
But i can’t manage to change the attachments.
I don’t find the right lua file to do that.
If someone can help me it would be pretty cool :smiley:
Thank you !

This is gonna be a hard one. You see, FA:2 2.0 uses bodygroups that are on the models for the attachments. F2S: Stronghold creates models on the weapon and only draws them if you have the attachment selected. You’ll have to edit quite a bit of stuff there, sorry to say.

What if i just add the attachment of fa:s weapons to the buying menu of the gamemode ?
so the player can buy it like he buy a new weapon, and the game gives him the item so he just has to put it on the weapon with the traditional menu of fa:s ?