ive been banned from gmod.org for months

I uploaded a file of zoeys with all credit to here and got banned for it, i want to know how i get unbanned from gmod.org. Also i dont know where the gmod.org section went. I know i should have but where do i get a way to be unbanned? I wish i hadn’t uploaded it :((
And i know people always post these, but i feel that i was trying to be nice since she got hacked. And also because she has old addons on there that are not gone.and the people not banned.

Getting unbanned is pretty much impossible.

What did you upload.

There’s no excuse for reuploading another person’s stuff without their permission, credit to them or not.

So you got your ban, too bad for you.

If it matters that much get a new account and spend another $10 on gmod and play gmod on that account only.

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He said “a file of zoeys.”

Did you want him to be more specific?

Well it could have been a dupe or have the svn hidden files which automatically flag files… Im trying to be helpful but obviously a typical facepunch response is required so just for you.

Why would you want to download anything from gmod.org nobody uses it that much since everything is available on svn.

It’s not possible at this time to get unbanned from garrysmod.org. You have one chance at using it and if you get banned, you’re banned. You do have the option of buying a second account and using that to download though (I believe Garrysmod is currently $3 on steam).

I think its a little overkill not allowing a banned player to download stuff. Same goes with ToyBox, uploading something that will get you banned bans you from doing anything on the ToyBox.

Garry, what were you thinking if you wanted a good game, mod site,and toybox, you had it where you get banned from the useful stuff, like the downloading of mods. This makes the game not worth having anymore.

There no point to buying another account. I want unbanned, i uploaded zoeys rappel addon because i though i was being nice, and i had no idea how to delete it. I was trying to help. I WANT TO BE SOMEHOW UNBANNED. IM SORRY FOR BEING NICE!

You broke the roles. You’re not getting unbanned.

That’s not being nice.

“I killed him because I was trying to be nice and then I couldn’t bring him back to life, SORRY FOR BEING NICE!”

Trying to be nice isn’t an excuse for breaking a rule.