I've Been Trying to Extract Sound Files From a BSP and I'm Having Issues

Hello Everyone

As the title says I’ve Been Trying to Extract Sound Files From a BSP and I’m Having Issues.

I’ve tried GFCScape in b hopes to get to the sound files but, it only results in an error.
Then I decomplied the BSP to a VMF but after opening it in HAMMER I…have hit the limit of what I know when I comes to Hammer.

Any Ideas?

Try using pakrat. I can extract stuff using it that I can’t with gcfscape.

Ok so I just tried it and its stuck on the message.

ZipLFH signature incorrect

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What I’m specifically trying to do is, there’s a mod called The Stanley Parable and I wanted to get some of the narration sound files that’s pop up as you play the game for a school project I’m working on.

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I had an outdated GFCScape and so I got a new one but it still didn’t work.

just use pakrat to drag the .wav or .mp3 files out of the BSP, voila

the ZipLFH signature incorrect error stops me from accessing the bsp’s files.


This worked great on one of the BSPs but on my 2nd one it says.

Read Error: Unable to locate next local header.

Mind uploading the BSP somewhere?


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this isnt the HL2 one its modified


Dude! thanks so much!