"I've been workin' on this baby for some time. Finally got 'er mostly fixed up."

Decided to break away from comic ideas for a bit and do something simple.


And Nick being the cynic he is:


Can’t really tell who is saying the line - Coach or Ellis

Zoey could use some fingerposing

rest turned out great

no keith or blake? D:

Ben, you’re slacking.


I made it more for Ellis really.

She has little subtle finger posing, so I can agree.

Blake and Keith were in the picture on the other side of the car. I couldn’t fit them into the angle I wanted. I didn’t feel like moving them either because the scene was crowded enough as it was.

Let’s say they’re taking a potty break… or something.

We can see that lol

Looks good man, lol’d at the “Only sits two people” :v:

If only we had l4d with vehicles D:

Well, Keith and Blake are fan-made characters (Keith is visually fan-made, while Blake is under construction) . It feels better to me for a picture like this to be with the original cast.

Anyhow, thanks for the comments. I’m glad you liked the bonus too.

This is what they are stuck with after coach ate the last helicopter.

Nice posing, the guy in the yellow shirt at the far right looks like he is stroking off the car.

He just loves the car that much.


i lol’ed when everyone looked at nick in the second picture…

you should make some more, would be pretty cool

Damn. Louis is no longer the token black guy :frowning:
good stuff

That made me noticed how all the black characters are herded into a group. :v:

I must be an unintentional racist.