"I've... Finally.. Found You!" a medic scared shitless




I like the little bits of blood and the shadow under the helmet in the second picture. All of the details kinda merge into each other though… like the soldier doesn’t stand out enough from the background. Maybe some depth-of-field would help? His walking pose seems a little off too, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. The first picture could do with a little more contrast too.

Nice work overall though.

The helmet shadow on the soldier looks weird and the posing on his feet gives me the impression that he is tapping the floor with his feet(I dont know if that was the idea, I think you wanted to give the impression that he was walking).

Everything else looks neat, the pose on the medic, the soldier and the syringes on him.

Chesty is a fast poster.

He’s covered in needles… You expect him to walk straight? :v:

Yeah, the soldier’s a pussy, the demoman would handle this easily.

“Pain is just weakness exiting the body, therefor, the Soldier feels no pain.”

i think this would work on Chuck Norris too…