I've got my model into blende, now ho do i rig it?

I got this vehicle into blender, and i ripped the Dodge Caravan (SGMs) Because its from the same game, i scaled the vehicle correctly, now what, i deleted the caravan mesh, and just have what i assume is the bones. (Circles and lines) What do i do now? I have basic knowledge of blender, how ever a very advance knowladge of 3d modeling in other programs such as 4D Cinema, i can move around and change camera angles, and watched a few tutorials, Thanks.

I do not know how to rig specifically vehicles but I assume it’s the same way you do characters.

First, select your mesh, add a “armature” modifier.
Select the armature, put the view in pose mode.
Select the mesh again, put the view in weight paint mode.
Now you can select each bone of the armature and you’ll be able to paint the weight on the mesh’s vertices.
(I suggest checking x-ray on the armature so you’ll be able to see it through the mesh)