"I've Got Your Scent..." - Croc in the sewers and having a crunchy snack.



You are getting really good at adding an atmosphere to a image. You did edit this right?

I like how you got the NVG’s to glow, and that’s because I never gets that right, so have an artistic.

Behind darkly but the rest is super

I don’t really like the glowing NVGs, but the rest is nice.

Oh he’s getting it now!
Nice pic and what map is that?

Yep, all me! I think the sewer smog/mist was quite effective.

Yeah it was difficult trying to get them right, even now.

I think it’ called ‘subway v2’. I downloaded it off FPSbananna. And it is a really awesome map.

It looks like the perfect map for Croc.

It only has a very small section of sewer compared to the rest of the map, but it really looks like a sewer.

Run Sam Fisher night vision man! RUN!
Another amazing pic Urbanator.

Your too kind!