Ive gots a problem in DarkRP & wire

Ok so when I go to the server that im admin on all the wire Text screens will show the words so then another person joins Half of the text screens go blank! another one joins & ALL the screens go blank! & if i advanced dupe a auto shop and then paste it the screens are blank unless its wired to an Expression gate… this makes me pissed off because now i cant see the prices gundealers have so i could buy my weapons!

Stop usin the guns then maaan… Stop the killing… Fuck the war…

If your going to shit post, do it in a shit post thread thank you…

He has a valid point, though. Why do you need a wire contraption to sell guns for you, anyways?

i dont really need to use the gun shop its just an example… the rel thing is just why wont the screens show words, dont say my grapic card because i have the best avalible in my state


oh and did annyone notice the relaton between half life and canada? Halifax( Half life) Nova Scotia (Nova Prospect)

What graphics card do you have?

Also Halifax has NOTHING to do with half-life and theirs lots of other towns/cities in other countries which have “Nova” in their name.

Also learn some proper grammar, its hard and annoying to read what you posted and im not even 100% sure i got what you said.

DarkRP and Wire dont work together.
You will get crashes such as:
LUA.String table overflow
Wire is really full of lua, and somehow it doesn’t like DarkRP.