"I've heard so much about the Depot.. I never thought I would see it though." - Rangers explore the Depot

way too dark, could barely see a thing until i raised up out of my seat and let my head cover the sunlight on my moniter but is still too dark

good dof and atmosphere though

Shit’s dark yo.

Nah really though, in the actual game there is nearly no light at all. I tried to capture that atmosphere. I suppose I could have thrown in a little bit more light.

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Guests. Guests everywhere.

I pretty much can’t see anything. If you wanna go for the dark atmosphere feel, raise contrast imo, it won’t affect the darkness but you will be able to see the outlines better.

My pc’s brightness is way too dark though, all i see is a blue train part and the shoulder of a guy on the left

Not sure what to tell you there… I can see everything fine on my monitor. But I will take that into account in the future.