"I've heard stories about this tunnel, they say you can hear the voices of the dead in the pipes"


Got bored and decided to fire up Gmod for a change and this was the result. Nothing spectacular, but I thought it was at least decent enough to post.

Seenging piepez.

screeaming paipesz

vocalizing conduits

non-instrumental pathways

ghost paipez

laffing paipez

yokeling paipez

Obligatory comment about a type of paipez. :v:

But anyways, thank you guys.

C-C-C-Cutscene potential!

Awesome work!

Thanks a bunch!

I missed your Metro poses. Nice work.

Thank you. It’s like I said, I just got bored and decided to throw something together for the hell of it, I hadn’t played Gmod for quite a while.


Thank you.

Atmospheric as fuck.

Good job!

Thanks a lot.

That’s just not fair. I was late to the party and I missed all of the criken Paipez jokes.

Fine. Liek CABBAGE…

Cabbage Medul.

“What bullshit.”

Nice pic. Very atmospheric, though its a bit dark for my liking.

Thanks you two!

And yes, all the Criken’s Quest for Cabbage references.