"I've landed...." Space man plays piano on strange planet after he crashes

I should note that I made this much earlier today, way before all these other piano poses.
Thread music:


[li]I realized now that the angle makes him look kinda stiff, but he’s really not very stiffly posed. I might redo it some day for this reason.[/li][li]I did not do any photoshop editing to this since I could not think of what to do, and am also not a super badass editor.[/li][li]These bullets can be really long sometimes, you know?[/li][li]C&C please[/li][/ul]

uh oh!

On Topic: I love the background. Not so much the model

Very bright for certain. Makes it a bit hard to see.

I think I have a less bright one, let me see. I’ll replace it if there is.

Edit: Never mind, the other versions are just brighter.

I actually like this way of bringing the light into the picture. Maybe a little too bright.

Too bright, imo. But the subject matter is too ridiculous to not love.