I've made a dark map with fog, and it looks fucked up - help

OK, so I’ve been working on a map for a cuople of days, then went to play it, and it looks shit;


Why is this happpening, and how do i fix it?

remove the fog_controller entity in your map

lol @ rating me dumb

No, because that will remove the fog.

change the fog colour to black?

Agree, but he should change it to a very dark blue.

Yes, do this.

I can’t try it right now, because I’m on my laptop, but I will ASAP.

Thanks eveyone for the help, and quick responses.

The skybox has a $nofog 1 variable which makes the skybox render over fog.

Fog is selfilluminating, i.e. it will always be exactly the colour you chose regardless of light. Black is nearly invisible. Also, to make it look a bit more realistic I recommend changing the starting distacne to 1 or 0 or something low. Since what fog IRL is is particles in the air obscuring the view. These will be everywhere not just 30 feet away.

match your skybox texture

What does that mean? Do i need to change my skybox?