I've never mapped before.

Ok please be supportive as I’m a total noob to this, and yes, I have never used garrys mod. Nor do I have steam. Don’t laugh. I’m not sure what progam is used to map nor how hard it is and I just want a basis of where to start, if possible. I doubt Garrys Mod does the mapping does it? Any help would be appreciated, also do I have to have any certain games because the only game I have on my PC is Fallout 3. I am more of a 360 gamer.

Without steam, you cannot map for any source engine game.

First off you need a Steam account, and any game that runs on the source engine.

If you are expecting hammer to be like forge…you will be very surprised.

well, MAYBE with the exception of prop placement, but even then - that’s pushing it :v:

Why are you trying to map if you don’t own any source games?

No, I was not :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a steam account now just gotta download it, And will Fallout 3 work?
And where do I get “Hammer”?

Fallout3 does have it’s own develpmers kit. “G.E.C.K” But it doesn’t seem anything like Hammer, and I have never used it. So I cannot vouch for it personally. But as Fallout is your only game installed, you might want to look into it.


Also you can get Hammer by buyig a Source engine game, then installing the SourceSDK that will become available over Steam once the game is installed.

Ok, well If I was wanting to use Hammer what’s the best source game to get?

Usually people want to map because they own a source game, not the other way around.

How much money are you willing to spend?

It really depends. In terms of textures that fit into a HL2 styled map, CS: S is a good one. But you may not want to use such a normal style. I would personally reccomend getting the Orange Box, and maybe the CS: S, DoD: S and HL2:DM packs you can pick up in stores. But if you are buying them for mapping primarily it may not be worth it.

Also any Source game comes with the majority of HL2 textures and props as they are shared resources.

Get the Orange Box.

get the Orange Box, probably the best deal and it gets you a ton of the source games.

But yeah, nerdboy’s right, it’s a bit strange that you want to map for source when you don’t own a source game

Well I’ve seen my friend do it and it looks cool.


But Im going to use GECK I think.

Hammer is the only thing you can make maps with for source.

Stop rating him dumb, he already stated he don’t know a thing about mapping.


Yes? Can on, you were saying something.

Thank you.

Also, I installed GECK watched some tuts, why is it in the video he has a bunch of …erm ‘stuff’? and I don’t? The only cell I have is Wasteland. And I don’t seem to have objects either. Help?!