I've seen a "badges" addon and I'm curious where I could get it

Their is this badges addon that adds a new row in the tab menu, called “badges” it holds things such as ranks, time played, etc. I’ve seen it on multiple servers so I’m guessing its not a purely custom made addon for a single server.

EDIT: I believe its actually the scoreboard itself causing these badges. So I think I’m looking for a specific scoreboard.

EDIT2: Screenshot of the addon/scoreboard


Any more to go off? Screenshots, etc

SUI Scoreboard

(or this one)

Here is a screenshot of the scoreboard

thats a custom made scoreboard by devolved.net. here

–disclaimer no idea if this has any malicious lua, and no idea if posting links is against the rules

replace the terrortown/gamemode/vgui with the files in scoreboard2

– no idea if itll work

Doesn’t change anything at all. Thanks anyways.

no idea what scoreboard but it would be really easy to code something like this, itd just be a 3d2d panel attached to their model at some point

Like essentially, all it’d require is creating another column next to the ranked column, then doing some coding for each badge and stuff, right? I’ve never really coded, but this seems like something relatively easy enough to start, right?

I don’t know much about science, but can’t we just get a skateboard, glue some big magnets on and it’ll be a hover board, seems pretty easy, right?

[sp] If you don’t know how to do something, what makes you think you’ll know how easy it is [/sp]

put it in lua/autorun/client