Ive seen this many times. GTA SA models are getting moded for GMOD

I would like to know how so I wont wait for a new one. Also I can keep it for my self =p

Basically, you gotta make a model yourself in a modelling program and import it into GMOD.

Oh thanks

Well, that was fast…

Do you mean ported? In that case, you don’t need to model anything yourself but you will need a (free) modeling program. You will either need an exported or decompiler for the GTA:SA model format or use DXRipper.

There are several tutorials for compiling props so you should be well catered with those.

If you want a proper free modelling app, which is good for source then use the Softimage XSI Mod tool. I’m using it because I’m not a pirate, and I haven’t got the money for Maya yet, not until my mum pays me back what she borrowed for christmas.