Ivef's Servers

Well my Servers are up. I’ve been working on them for a while getting every thing setup for final release so here they are.


Super cool list on about the server(s):

[li]EasyBan (view bans)[/li][li]Phoenix Storms (download)[/li][li]Wire Mod (download)[/li][li]PAC Editor Two[/li][li]SethPP[/li][li]Bunches of building stools that I don’t feel like listing.[/li][/ul]

[li]bloodyolive (Admin)[/li][li]Miss Pink (Dev)[/li][li]AAA aka 7 eleven (Mod)[/li][li]'Trull (Mod)[/li][li]SphincterBone (Mod)[/li][li]Seanathan (Mod)[/li][/ul]
More admins are there that I am not going to list.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to add me on Steam or post them below.

We also have a website now: Ivefs-Servers.info

This is a great server, If you like building try this one out.

Did you seriously give someone admin to prevent them from ddosing your server?

It was a joke, Miss Pink and I are cool with eachother.

stfu or ddos



Oh god…

stfu or ddos

DDOS or DDOS? :smiley:

Cool my thread is now DDoS discussion.

I’ve played here. It was nice (except the fact it had pac).

What’s wrong with pac?

I never understood PAC tbh.

It’s pretty easy and fun once you understand it.


stfu or ddos

You have no power here. Back on topic any chance for map rotation? You use to see sandbox server like that.

I think I still have SA on there, Ivef. lol.

Not ever since I wiped the users.