IVP Failed at ..\ivp_utility\ivu_vhash.cxx 157 error

Hello. I have found this post about my problem: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1068749 . My problem seems to be the exact same this guy had, but a little bit different, I am not a scripter like him. I only have wiremod, wiremod unofficial addons, pewpew, gcombat, various model and stool addons active. They are all up to date.

When I toss some stuff to the ground(to be more precisely, when I crash my plane built in wiremod), props get (just a prop_physics object) frozen, they can not be grabbed by physigun, they can not be removed by remover gun as if they got parented to world, and if i try to remove them using UNDO (Z); game crashes without even an error message. But if I remove them using “remove all” command from utilities, they get removed fine. BUT AS SOON AS I SPAWN ANOTHER PROP, it falls through the floor and gives me the error message in the title, “IVP Failed at …\ivp_utility\ivu_vhash.cxx 157”.

This only happens with props that have wiremod stuff on them, and not all the time, just from time to time. Maybe(most probably) this is a wiremod issue or an engine issue, but if someone helps me I will be really glad.