Ivy (Soul Calibur IV)

I really, really, really hope I’m speaking for more people.

one day :stuck_out_tongue:

Just out of curiosity and I probably know the answer to this but are you going to try porting her weapon, whip form, in game?

o na na :x

Haha I understand it would be a hassle, I was just wondering if you were gonna mess with it. What you have done so far looks amazing though, very nice work.

Oh… The sexposes that would result…

I wouldn’t use her for sexposes. I’d probably make her a dominatrix for hire, though.

Oh the hilarity…

more tits for gmod? i’m in

Soul Caliber IV is only on PS3 and 360. Unless someone remakes the model from scratch, it’s not happening.

A few people can port from the 360, so its not impossible, just a long shot.

I’m just going to put this out there:

This model is being worked on.

No further details from me.

There aren’t any 360 emulators. All of the other ones you listed have at least some sort of barebones emulation that’s been developed. On top of this, in order for you to get any kind of third party applications on the system, you have to mod it, physically, and this makes you run the risk of getting banned from Xbox Live.

EDIT: :rolleye:

Well the model for this is ripped already as it was posted in one thread or another…whether it came from SCIV or not I don’t know.

The one I posted was from 2.

But the one from 4 IS BEING WORKED ON.

Actually I was referring to the other guy’s but I do remember you posting that. He took the pic down though so I guess he’s keeping mum about it so he doesn’t get a ton of “upload please” posts on these threads.

anyone here got sc4 for the ps3 :o?