Ivy & Taki from Soul Calibur IV

Recently i found a thread on Ivy and Taki from soul calibur 4 in ragdoll form for garrysmod and was wondering if anyone could make player model versions for garrysmod.

Link to thread:

Link to ragdoll models:


player model…sucks

None of Roland’s ports are on a skeleton even remotely compatible with the Valve Skeleton, and rerigging the models is a pain in the ass.
Very few people (if anyone at all) are going to go through that much work just so some loon can jump around with a playermodel no one is ever gonna see.

i tried making it into a playermodel from one of Shotgunguy49’s tutorials and it didn’t work but thanks for the reply anyway!

Player models are useless.

Considering people can’t see them in multiplayer unless the server has a playermodel’s lua file, so yea they’re only useful for machinima, and that’s it really.