Ivy's Kiss


Wanna smooch:livestock~01-14-04-

Wearin’ fake lips, Robin style.

I expect you to start sexposing Ivy in less than 20 minutes :3


Breen isn’t staring at her boobs.

She’s a plant, she can modify her body at will, plus I wouldn’t mind her new part :smug:.

Aren’t most plants hermaphroditic anyway?

Both male and female “flowers”. :mmmsmug:

I’d still tap that no matter what she were.

Nice job.


wait what?

Nope. He is to busy dying from her exotic arousing :toxx:


saliva. Umhmumummm…


And you all are looking forward to it. Admit it:black101:


Aye. Many plants, including most flowering plants are. Every spring they manage the biggest cluster fuck in nature while not even bothering to move from one place to another.

That is a sex orgy I can respect.


Face/eyeposing is derp.

Eye pose is only partial. Eye lids work but you can’t change where she looks.



Amen to that.