Jack Bauer/Kiefer Sutherland (simple)

This should be simple, but I’m not a skinner/modeler, so I wouldn’t know. Either way, it’s everyone’s favorite suspense-series hero, Jack Bauer!

But really, putting his head on Bill's body would work just fine. (Don't forget to remove the 'Overbeck' from the jacket though if you decide to use Bill)



Sometimes he’s wearing ass-kicker glasses (if you feel like adding a version with this)

Other times, he’s wearing body armor (if you feel like adding a version with this) (actually nevermind I found a kevlar vest model on Garrysmod.org, but if you want to put it on him, be my guest)

Yet other times, he’s wearing a coat and a single-strap backpack (once again, if you feel like it)

correct me if im wrong but im sure there was a 24 game so couldnt someone just port from that?? also i agree we need jack in gmod

That game was horrible. Also it’s extremely low-res.

ok… never played it , only heard of it but this is a massive task if you want it perfect as it would have to be made from scratch especially getting the shape of his head

I was thinking about that. One of the citizens has a perfect head, you’d just need to remov the facial hair.