Jack is Back (Promo poster for my upcoming comic)

Yeah, I am gonna make a really badass comic with a cheesy plot and one-liners!


Please leave some “one liners” in the comments, it would help me out alot :slight_smile:


The picture is so good because it makes no sense.

Hope comic will be done soon looks badass.

“There is one thing similiar to both you and my smoke. Both burn.”
I fail at one-liners.

The blood on the cop looks like its behind him on the wall.

Nice, I think this music fit perfectly for that picture xD

“I wipe my ass with punks like you”
“They called me Jack because I killed the Ripper”
“You can try to run, but you will be dead before thinking of it”
“Are you still so tough, with a magnum up your throat?”*

I fail at oneliners :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking forward, looks badass.

“Wanna see me run to tht bus stop and back”
“Wanna see me do it again?”
Speedy McLightning

Thats badASS!

Eat shit and die.

He killed cop, cop died, then the old man in the chair died, but most important, the cop died, so more cops will come and they will probably die. All those poor cops.

Me like. <3

"Time to die…forever"

"I call shotgun." <- after shooting a guy attempting to escape in a car.

"Would you like, voluntary or involuntary manslaughter? I’m packed for both."

I love cheesy cliche dialogue :keke::downs:

Use all those.

All of them are great!

for this picture: “Now that’s what i call double penetration

^ nasty :razz:

I like that one.

This pic… It’s so beautiful it made me cry!

Also, is it just me or did the bullet kinda starting angleing downwards after going through the cop?

It’s a low budget comic… >.>
Just like the movies :smiley:

That is a big ass gun.

So what you’re saying is, that you couldn’t afford bullets that had the velocity to go further than a few feet? Basically saying THAT YOU SHOT THOSE PEOPLE FOR REAL!


The bullet actually ought to hit the guy in the chair further up on the chest. But now I am just bitching.