Jack the Raptor

Just one of them crazy ideas I had to do, for better or worse.


The leg’s terrible I know. :confused:

For his saliva is a highly corrosive acid that burns away at the flesh as he eats it.



Lol, that’s pretty damn awesome man.

Is that shopped or is it a model? And if it’s shopped, what raptor model is that?

i think the blood on his leg is a little bit to light, maybe get it a bit darker.

now make jack the rapper and make him eat watermelon and chicken

Be more racist.

Shitty lazy splatter edit but the concept is really cool.

I would look pretty damn cool as a model wouldn’t it? Nah, this is more of my head-hacking photoshopping. Don’t exactly know why, but it’s fun to think of what to hack on what.

Originally this was supposed to be homage to Stephen King’s taheen and Can-Toi creatures from The Dark Tower, among others. Eventually I thought of Jack the Raptor and dinosaur people which was a hundred times cooler.

As for the dinosaur model (since it is after all just photoshop) is from a ‘realistic size’ Turok dinosaur pack.

Thanks everyone for the comments.

B+ because the area around where the blood is dripping from the arm looks smudged, and smudging is horribad.

It’s… different, but a funny idea.

And your avatar is giving me a headache because I can’t decide whether or not that it’s a really young Jonathan Pryce(which I think it is) or a really young George Carlin.

He would probably use both hands to hold that leg, being that he has no thumbs.

Jonathan Pryce as Mr. Dark in Something Wicked this Way Comes.