Jackarunda's Explosives

If you’d like to continue following the creation and improvement of any of my addons, PM me.

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Finally! I love these SENTS.

There, little update out. The radio help command now gives you the RIGHT targeting information instead of the WRONG targeting information. Heh.

This is awesome, I might need to reinstall Garrysmod for this.

Or you could wait for me to edit the code for Gmod 13. Should be soon, and gmod 13 is amazing

Damn fine job sir, damn fine.
unforunitely there are a few problems
exploding a large amount of mines in quick succession crashes the game.
and the artillery won’t accept my coordinates. I get no response

Just a question, is there any way to detonate the bombs without using a rocket launcher or other explosive…?

Actually never mind about the coordinates, you fixed it.

Exploding a large number of mines in quick succession crashes the game because exploding a large number of mines in quick succession creates high load on your computer and the game’s ability to run is dependent on your computer and a high load on the computer makes it unable to properly run the game.

Also, I found this tidbit of information that states that “The only way to set them off is to exploit the sympathetic detonation principle.” This quote can be found here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1192672&p=36450577#post36450577


How does one set off said aspolsives

Remember to read peoples posts…

By using another form of exposive.

Great to see your work again.

Just when my Gmod experience needed some freshening, too.

Oh yes I loved your bombs in your older SENT pack.

This is awesome, but (and I know this is still highly wip) would it be possible to include a detonator for the c4? It’s sort of a pain to have to blow it up with another explosive. Also, it may be a good idea to make bombs able to explode if they fall from a distance.

In the olden days, I had a remote that went with detonators that came in a box. You could take a detonator, then program it with the remote (to be either proximity, impact, acceleration, remote, or timed, with all different options for each mode) and then you could stick it to any of my explosives and it would wire itself in. Effectively you could make any type of bomb you wanted. I plan to recreate these devices so you can make all your own explosives quickly and easily without wire.

Unfuzed bombs are remarkably stable. They purposefully make them this way (because IRL accidents cost lives and lives can not be replaced). When I get the fuzes out, you can have impact fuzes if you want.

That’s cool :slight_smile:
Also, if you wanted wire (since you couldn’t find it), then download the zip from the main wiremod page:

The links are in the box to the right. I installed this version yesterday and it works fine (it seems to be gmod13 compatible as well :D)

They are wire compatible.
He forgot to take it out of the OP


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I knew their bases were copied from the old bombs, but I wasn’t about to assume the old code still operated, that would be overly optimistic :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also is there a way for me to get advdupe 2 without setting up an SVN? (especially for gmod 13 for which I need it badly if I want to ever make demo videos involving my SENTs)

Just released an update.

What I did was completely revamp the way explosions work, thus making everything very consistent. You can more consistently rely on explosives to knock down doors and blow things up now. Also the base explosion effect is a little better. Bunch of other fixes too. Adjusted the powers of various explosives in the pack and such. Every explosion in the pack now operates on the same invisible explosion entity.

Explosions take into account

  • power of explosion
  • attenuation characteristics of explosion
  • distance from center of explosion to object
  • density of object
  • construction of explosive item
    when determining whether or not to de-constraint and/or obliterate objects. Also shockwaves force objects much more consistently now.

Also, everything is wire-compatible.

As soon as I get my hands on some kind of AdvDupe, I’m going to Gmod 13 and make a demo video for the hell of it.

I love you <3



no homo :V