Jacket (Former Vagabond Jacket)

it’s not there, not existing, what happened?
Did someone forget it at a party or something?
I wanna make my dessert jacket :frowning: but i can’t.

You gotta find the blueprint, its kinda rare.

Does it even exist? I have practically every other blueprint except that one; unless someone can confirm that they have found it, I’m going to assume that it’s not in the loot tables.

It might have been me who left the party with the jacket on… at least it say I can make it, so I can confirm it exist :wink:

the vagabon (jacket) used to be in the same tier than AK or any guns. how many custom SMG blueprint or pump action blueprints did you find in the wild since last wipe ? how many vagabon bp did you find in the while since last wipe? thats what i thought.

How many? So far, I’ve found 4 AK, 2 bolt action and Thompson, 1 pump action and close to 10 C4 BPs since the last wipe. And that’s just me personally. Other members of my group have also found several duplicate high end BPs. They were all found, not researched.

tweaked rarity of jacket - @garrynewman (/main)

wow. for all the luck we never get, you have it all haha. There was a loot table tweak in last update, i didnt expect it to be that major.

In my whole rust experience 1000h+ i found around 7 AK blueprint (before this wipe). i havent played much since last week’s bp wipe.

When you say found, you mean you found the actual bp in a loot barrel or crate, and not coming from bp frag ?

Yup. All but 1 of those I found in the small rad house that’s near my base. All were from crates or barrels That place has been an absolute gold mine for BPs. The 1 shotty BP I found in a roadside barrel.

I’m at 1000+ hours in Rust so far (only 20-ish hours of that being Legacy), and I have to agree with you. Finding an AK BP was a rare occurrence before this last wipe. On the server I play on, we wipe BPs every 2 months. I’d be lucky to find one AK and / or bolt BP in that 2 month period. Normally I’d end up researching it to get the BP. And 3 weeks back, I found my first ever custom SMG BP. Now, I’m getting AK BPs like they’re hatchet BPs. And so are my clan-mates. I think this is the first time we ever have spare high end gun BPs sitting in our BP crate that no one can use since they already have them. And I’ve just been dropping C4 BPs as soon as I find them. They’ve been far to common this time around.

still no jacket. Went thru over 500 bp books, no jacket, been looking thru the loot map so many times i’m starting to get annoyed.