Jacketless L4D survivors?

Either just Zoey, Francis, and Bill, is up to you, as i want just them, however, if you want to do nick, be my guest.

Basicly yeah, i want the L4D survivors with no jackets, and possibly their jackets as props/ragdolls, i know its a difficult request, because of the faceposing and modeling aspects, but if you can do this, i would greatly aprieciate it, and it would be EXTREMELY useful for comics and poses.

Yes, i still want faceposing and finger posing for them, yes, i know its hard to remake them…

Its also quite obvious francis has a tanktop, and from the sacrifice comic, so does zoey, due to it being a military uniform, bill probably has a t-shirt or a long sleeved shirt.

A shirtless Coach would be cool, too.

Wh- wha?

N-no, no just no.

He would wear a vest?

You really dont ¬.¬ (seeing as you don’t even get the flex definitions when you decompile the model, everything would have to be remade from scratch, which is increadible amounts of work). Finger posing however is dead easy, you wouldn’t even have to change anything as its just bone names/positions.

Yeah, i know, but really, think how useful this would be.

If you think it’s so easy, try doing it yourself.


Face flexes aren’t that hard to set up, but it’s just hard to look right and just so tedious and a pain in the ass

I never said that.

Good point, but it really is too much of a pain. More than you think, as far as I can tell.


What if someone were to do the models, and ragdoll them, then someone else and that person would co-do the facial flexes?

Of course, i have no understanding of flexes what-so-ever, so i dont know if that would work.

Making the models is a lot of work also. My advice is to learn a thing or two about modeling. It’s not as hard as you’d think, you just need to want to learn. Then you can make whatever you want!

I love this idea, and yes a shirtless Coach would be epic. Although what would Louis wear? (Also I have tryed making a shirtless Coach for fun, but I suck at changing the bump maps and crap.)

Nick would wear a long sleeves blue shirt. With Buttons :smiley:

Do the opposite with Louis and give him a jacket.

Give louis someone else’s jacket.

Imagine Louis wearing Zoey’s jacket.
Or Francis’ biker vest.

Or even bill’s beard.

or all of them, that would be win. Not epic win, but still some win.

Louis with the boomer/smokers bad acne?


Tanktop like francis or zoey.

Or shirtless.

A chunky Coach watching his man titties flap in the air as he jiggles his way to the safe room