Jacknife (Mirror's Edge)

Yes, Jacknife from Mirror’s Edge.

Many thanks to Wraith for porting it (don’t fuckin bother her for more ports) , she did the facial flexes herself and ported it, thank you very much c: I am due no credit, but the link.


Original model from EA.

Link http://dl.dropbox.com/u/75262153/Jacknife.zip

EDIT: Alright, that’s a nicely done model, no complaints.

Go to requests for that. Not releases.

I love this model. And… I hope your name doesn’t have to do with this.

Thanks dude.

That’s coo’

release Jacknife

Holy descending textures of divine intervention, batman!

Yellow eyes look sweet. I shall pretend he’s a werewolf.

You n’ I may not get along.
But to be fully honest:
Your perskin is hot.
Jus’ so ya know.

Anyone exactly know how to install it? I know where materials and models go, but what about the jacknife folder?

This isn’t his personal skin. This is the character Jacknife from Mirror’s Edge, haha.

Drop it into your garrysmod\addons\ folder.

Looks pretty good! :smiley:


That folder wasn’t meant to be in there, delete it if you don’t need it.

Im confused, is this a personal skin or can I use this in my pics?

He is this guy :v:
you can use it in your pic

It’s a character from the game,
I was just an idiot when I posted above.

Nice port but flexes need fixing…

Cool, thx man!