Jackpody's Toyota Motorhome

I’ll just go right to the point with pictures without rambling on a lot of stuff, so here I present you
Jackpody’s Motorhome
(People who view the WiP thread has probably seen this as a WiP).




(don’t mind my horrible narrating)

I used a good 5 days on the modeling and a couple of hours on materializing and colourizing (Thanks a lot, MrWhite!)
I sadly was not able to make a proper interior in the actual cabin, due to the proplimit. It’s currently at around 199 props, which is how far I want to go if I want to use it on servers.

Some quick facts about the car:
Mass weight: 1.4 tons,
Top speed: 85 KP/h
It has an engine,
interior inside the front car,
Toyota badges (Thanks, Flyingtaco!)

I personally like this one a lot, though there is stuff that I’d want to change. Mainly the fact that there is no interior in the cabin. Once Big Update for GMod arrives, I’ll definitely give it a proper interior (due to the RSO cap being set to a way higher amount so it stops giving problems with people connecting).

the only thing I feel is missing is a screenshot on a proper map that doesn’t look like you’re looking through a few inches of orange jello.

This is the better vehicle made from scrap (= not a model)
Also ,very good use of E2

We usually use the word “modeling” just for the model of the car, which is made of props. Thanks anyway though, glad to hear you all like it.

This is very good. I wish I could learn how to do this.