[JaCz] Evocity2_V2P Serious Roleplay

Hey we finally got our server up with the map and sickness models and cars (no tractors).


20 slots

You can join if you want and have a good time!

What gamemode?

evocity2 has lots of bugs and makes everyone crash.

reopened with cityway_v1

gamemode: darkrp

Try to use more information please!

I can noclip to anywhere except the green gas station; it is a location that you must get to to go anywhere else in the map. (Excluding spawn and city.)

Dark RP - serious? Wat.

Its possible, the script doesn’t make the RP, the players do.


That makes no sense whatsoever

Yes it does, if you go to the green gas station, it crashes.

Since when :colbert:

Since the new update, if you go through the tunnel towards the log houses from the city, you crash.

Coool. I’ve been waiting for an rp to start up that is using that map.