Jade from BgE - only mesh needed

Hello, I remember seeing a couple months ago here a request for a port of Jade form beyond good and evil. While no one started the port itself, someone did post the OBJ’s and textures for her.

Sadly I’ve got some issues finding either the thread or download locations for the model. I’d love to start working on rigging her, and would really appreciate if anyone still has the model tucked away somewhere.
I remember people actually mentioned she might make a good alyx replacement.

Uh reference pics

Again this is not a port and rig request, but merely a locate the model itself request.

Yeah, I remember to rip her a very long time ago, but the quality of the rip was poor, I should go to rerip her again because I’ll love to se her as Alyx replacement or just for Gmod.

If you could try to do it. To be honest if I remember correctly, the rip was actually pretty fine, just unsmoothed, which isn’t that much of an issue. It’s understandable that the model would probably be a tiny bit lower res, since it was also a console game and released in 03, but was decent enough.

Well, maybe is not the one you saw but, thats what the most I could do to getting her at the very start of the game. (I tried extracting the game files because are quite similar to Prince of Persia games, but that extractor doesnt work).


Hair seems to have some weird shader or something, so is not a texture problem and the eyes need some fix, but this one looks more nicer than the one I get long ago.

The hair ought to be easy to fix. The lack of a t-pose is a shame but can probably get past that one. If you could throw the files up somewhere :slight_smile:

I ought to find the time to start working on her in the next few days.

Ok, here she is, 3DS and OBJ format. I included all the textures the model uses, so I suppose you wont get any problem with that: http://www.mediafire.com/?c7b6y9y7yfzby22

thanks for it :slight_smile:

Just a quick question - did you manage to get any normal maps as well? The textures you gave me don’t have any.

other than that the model looks fine


Also size comparison


The model doesnt have any normals sadly, only that I packed up in the rar. I think most of the games from that time doesnt have normal maps though.