Jagger's Awesome Sandbox

It’s really awesome.

It’s official title is listed as “Garry’s Sandbox Server”

Here’s what Jagger does with his users (these shots taken only minutes ago).

He’s a great admin isn’t he? Also, he disabled the escape and console keys for fun. I’m quite certain he just wants us to pay attention right?

Couldn’t manage a shot of him killing us over and over, because I couldn’t access the console. I dare any of you to join if he’s still up to this.

LOL, this is my server. HI SELF!!

Nice server…

Lets DDoS it, am I right?


Joking of course, but still, shit server.

I added something new, too.

For one, it changes name every 10 secs

secondly, when you join, it messages the IP to all your friends.

It’d be fantastic if this guy went the ChrisAster route.


that is to say, managed to get blacklisted from everything pertaining to VALVE software until the end of time

Fuck you

Block downloading server contents, bind a disconnect button or just use alt+ F4…

No it doesn’t.

Blocking downloads won’t do anything by the way, just don’t join it.

be quick to tell all of your female friends, they’ll get turned on the second you tell them

do not hesitate, this is really cool

Jagger makes shit servers.
He has a “Jagger’s Spacebuild3 Server” that’s 32 slots and has 25 fake players because he fails so hard at having a popular server.

Yes it does.

And you should probably snip that, I wouldn’t want a lot more of these.


Right, because this was meant to be a good server.

You don’t need to sendlua for a CreateConVar.

in the server
CreateConVar(“toggleconsole”, “”, FCVAR_CHEAT) // Sends to client if put in init.lua blocks them from opening the console

Stops them opening it.

Ah figures, he has a few other servers like this also. Thanks for the information!

I’ll definitely consider binding a disconnect button so history won’t repeat itself.

hurr, because I didn’t disable disconnect or anything. :downs:


I do not have friends, female, or otherwise.

Proof? Nothing happened to me.

Now he’s hosting a different server, I forget what it was called now.

DO NOT JOIN these flatgrass/construct servers. They are riddled with hacks and will send invites to all your friends telling them to join so they can ultrahack as many people as possible.

Jagger should be permabanned.

Yea! a friend of mine got in it, and it changed his name to LOVE LIFE or something like that and it sent me the IP, so i trusted him and got in, and it changed my name to LOVE LIFE and sent the IP to all my friends, and one friend said his anti-virus discovered a trojan… I am currntly running a virus scan and ill post the results later.

He got a dedi.

I think he needs to be VAC banned.