Jagger's BuildRP Flatgrass City

I made a server which is a BuildRP city. Roads and buildings are saved on one side of flatgrass. When someone builds a nice building (no wire, no constraints, it’s all just frozen for now,) I use a better modified version of PermaProps to save their building, forever. Backups are constantly made in the event of a database error.





This is the first RP server to ever do this, to my knowledge.

I love buildrp!

Don’t forget to enable earthquakes, though. Rare surprises that can be roleplayed.

I really love the idea you’ve presented, building an entire city from scratch, but its a little ugly :<

Perhaps add the waterizer STOOL and add some more textures to the texture tool? Either way, I’ll join because it looks very cool.

Well done for thinking of an idea noone else has, to make yours stand out.

Looks creative, but i think the map needs more to it.

You can’t build a entire city from scratch in Garry’s Mod. People have attempted this in the past but always hit the 2048 entity limit before they could finish.

I wish Garry raised the limit so stuff like this is possible :confused:

Its a Source engine limit compadre :v:

But I think building a city would be more than possible, you just need bigger/more custom props. Perhaps house props, window props, etc… It could be done, the problem is that PHX is the only applicable building block right now and even with PHX its a tad difficult.