Jaguar Strike Plane

A little strike plane I made while bored and listening to the Ace Combat 6 soundtrack. Still a bit of a WIP in that I havent detailed engines or the interior.

anyway, pics:

Ill get the cockpit furnished soon


I’m sure you can get a better nose than the headcrab canister if you try being a bit creative. I’m sure you’ll figure out something better than a straight tube for the body aswell. From above i think the wings look a bit silly but that’s probably just a matter of taste.

Agree x100

OP, is there no way to figure those shadows out?

  • It always looks weird when the pilot is seated in line with the plane’s central axis. Look at any plane and you’ll see that he is always above.

  • Scale. That is going to be one cramped cockpit.

  • The wing profile looks like something that wanted to be like a delta wing design, but then they threw on horizontal stabs for shits and giggles. Either lose the horizontal stabilizers or redesign the planform. Personally, I would move the wings backward and add canards to the sides of the cockpit, and make them much smaller than the fins you currently have.

E: Ace Combat has the best music. I wish they could bring AC7 to the PC.


Good idea sir, and good eye, it was originally going to be a delta wing. Unfortunately forward canards didn’t occur to me until JUST after closing gmod.

It was 3:30 am.

Ill probably take care of that today.

@ KP3
I spend a good long while trying to find a better nose. I tried fooling with the phx jet engines like I’ve seen used before, but it always came out looking stubby and didnt fit quite properly

Make the fuselage wider. It looks like exactly like a freaking pen from above.
I guess it’s thrust comes from nowhere
How are you supposed to see foward out of the cockpit…

But you’re getting better. It would help to have a picture reference or something. At least as a beginner so you learn how real stuff would look in gmod. Cause this looks like a toy

I crafted a jet earlier out of the next step up in size of the phx 180’s. It was much curvier and pretty sexy, except it was too wide, and also the nose was impossible

I think I’ll place the turbines along its side, adding to the width, without making it rediculously wide

Use a reference picture and you’ll be able to tell how wide it should be along with everything else
sexy you saaay mmhmrrhrmmahrmmmmm… But I don’t like wide ones with no nose sorreh

I dont either. lol

It was discribed by several friends as a “Space Whale” I lol’d. A very accurate discription.

It was all curvy and pretty, but:
cockpit really didnt come out well
Nose was unsuccessfull (at least for now)
It was rediculously wide, despite being only one step up from the ones I used here.

You don’t have to use bigger tubes. Use the same tubes and angle them otuwards and fill out the space with smaller flat plates. You’ll maintain hight (Which i think is okay on this plane) While getting it as wide as you want. You should make the wings angled too. Like real planes don’t flat wings. Don’t care about the prop limit. Here’s an example of how you could do the wings. [img_thumb][/img_thumb]
Sure… It might take double the props but it’ll look pretty good.

The cockpit should be higher and shorter in length. It needs to have a curve.

Something about those wings just don’t sit right with me. Like, they are way to thick length wise from nose to tail. Also, more smooth shapes and non cylindrical body would definitely be more attractive.

u guys ar all like BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH and the wings are just sitting there like.

lol. Exactly.

Acctually, the wings are supposed to be that way, as it was originally going to be a delta wing, and in the current version it is, I just havent posted an updated picture

looks like it wanted to be a F-117 but then changed it’s mind.

It does?

Did you mean the U2? because it does look a bit like that

That’s not the U2.

Here are your major flaws:

Cockpit is fugly and too symmetrical - make it bulge toward the front or rear.
Fuselage is much too thin.
Cockpit needs a dashboard prop to hide the ugly fugly headcrab prop inside.

You could probably do something good with it, but right now, you ain’t doin’ it right.