Jail positions

I noticed when playing darkrp that when you start up the map rp_downtown_v2 that the jail positions are automatically set up. how can you set custom jail positions that automatically stay on restarts.

I think it’s something like “!setjailpos” in the chat window as an admin

I dunno how to make it stay between restarts though.

If all else fails you can add it to the static_data.lua file in garrysmod\garrysmoed\gamemode\DarkRP\gamemode.

As is obvious, just use the rest of the position settings as a guide, to get the vectors for this you can just spawn a wire gps and it will tell you the coordinates.

If you want to fix this, type /cp, then /chief
If you done that, walk to the jails, and type: /newjailpos
and then /setjailpos in the other jails.

thanks a lot Carocrazy. incredibly helpful