Jailbreak 7 and Pointshop trouble! PLEASE HELP!

I’m having trouble with wanting to buy weapons in the Pointshop when using Jailbreak 7 by Excl. I know it is possible to buy weapons and have a 1 time use with them because I recently server hopped until I found one.

I am seeking help to fix this problem. I’ve exhausted all my resources. Forums, Youtube, Steam. I’m at my wits end. I think its lua codes in the game mode? Or am I just going nuts? Some help with this problem would help me greatly!

Thank you and I hope this is the write place to post. I just joined today for this problem.

Let’s see the code also this belongs in Dev Discussion.

Can you describe your problem?

Sorry about the wrong forum area. But my problem is that I put the lua files in the right places, they show up in the pointshop alright but when I purchase the item from the shop the character doesn’t auto equip it. So I think “oh the auto equip lua function isn’t on” but when I scroll through the 4 weapon slots in Excl’s jailbreak mode they weapon is not there.

As for posting the code I have to wait because I’m at work ATM. But just so I know, what code should I post? The lua for the weapon in the pointshop folder?

Post the pointshop code for the weapon please.

This is the lua file for a knife. The M9K knife wasn’t working so I thought I would try the knife that comes with the Jailbreak gamemode.