Jailbreak Gamemode - Chessnut

So, I decided to get the chessnut jailbreak gamemode becouse it was looking quite good, but when I tried
installing it, I never figured out how to start the gamemode properly with the maps working?

I just get the “PREP failed <weird characters>” error once trying to start the server with the maps included in the gamemode.
Anybody knows a fix or somethin?

If I use a normal map, I just start spectating but I don’t spawn anywhere.

Please inform us with the whole error message.

Ask him; we can’t help with Coderhire addons/gamemodes.

Make sure not to upload any content to these forums, it can get you banned from Coderhire. Asking for help on here is already pushing the limit since it gives away info about the script internally. Just be careful.

Aargh shit, I didn’t realize it was a paid gamemode he was asking for help with, my fault.