Jailbreak gamemode

I need jailbreak gamemode (I will only pay $5)
You don’t have to be creator of the gamemode, just make sure it’s working
The requirements are:

  1. A warden gui shower and a warden voter for guards only
  2. 2 teams (Prisoners and guards)
  3. Weapon models, guards models, and prisoner models
  4. RTV plugin
  5. Swap list
  6. Health gui at the bottom with money shower under it too
    7.In the scoreboard when you press Tab it shows the player’s money, player name, rank, ping, and OCC chat

Why? No one will spend time sending you a gamemode for 5$
And, don’t expect they’ll put effort in fixing and customizing for your need for 5$.

For 5$ you’ll probably get a shitty SWEP that’s half way done and that’s it.

I will hire you as a full time coder on my server. You will get 50% of all donations. You will also be co-owner of the servers.

I’m sorry, but why would any coder want to work for you for 50% of donations? They could easily start their own servers, which would be much more successful than a guy’s server, who tries to 5$ for a whole gamemode and has no idea about managing a server/community.

Also, where does the other 50% go? To the ideaman’s pocket? (who of course deserves it, because he has so many great and unique ideas)

Dude, shut up. The money goes to keeping the server alive.

You wont ever get a gamemode for 5$. Go run a free gamemode.

It’s called you will get 50% of donations -_-

You’re asking so much for so little, do you seriously think you’re going to find somebody whom is going to do this ?

Dude, so little, what are you talking about, he’s already said he’s offering 50% of the damn donations, what else do you want?


[sp]just let this die[/sp]

Thank you.