Jailbreak health bar

I have managed to get a copy of newbees jailbreak for gmod 13 and the health bar uses a texture and people aren’t downloading it upon joining. The file it uses is called HUD_RED1. Is there a way for it just to use RGB so I don’t need a fastdl?


if h_old > localplayer:Health() then
		h_old = h_old-1;
	elseif h_old < localplayer:Health() then
		h_old = h_old+1;
	local add = 0
	if h_old < 30 then
		add = 50*math.sin(CurTime()*4);
	surface.SetDrawColor(Color( 0,0,0,255) );
	DrawPartialCircle( portraitpos.x, portraitpos.y, 77, 13, 0, 360, 6 );
	surface.SetDrawColor(Color( 200,0,0,255) );
	DrawPartialCircle( portraitpos.x, portraitpos.y, 74, 10, 0, 360, 6 );
	surface.SetDrawColor( Color(0,200,0,255 )); -- health-color translations, yay!
	DrawPartialCircle( portraitpos.x, portraitpos.y, 74, 10, 0, h_old/100*360, 6 );

Sorry -bump- need an answer quickly.

You added me like 2 weeks ago, telling me how great you are at coding. This proves my point of your knowledge.

Yes I’m sure there is a way. Are we going to make it for you so you can take credit? I don’t think so.

I know a lot about DarkRP not jailbreak… Also I have figured it out no thanks to you.