Jailbreak server help please

I recently bought http://coderhire.com/scripts/view/755
But I do not know how to install it
I have read the installation but I don’t know how to install it I use filezilla

It’s hard to get support here for something users have to pay to access.
You’ll be lucky if someone in possession decides to help.

You can always just ask on the CoderHire entry, which may be quicker

Submit a support ticket for it.

Just as Scratch explained. You do have very little chance of someone being able to help you with what you need exactly due to the addon itself having only 78 purchases.

However, take a screenshot of the folders you get and that will help people to help you.
P.S. Do NOT post the code or any screenshots of it. This is a public forum and I’m sure there
are many people who would like to get a hold of something that you must pay for.

The author has a reputation of not responding to customers from reading some comments

But there is also no harm in trying I guess

I have a screenshot of the installation instructions http://imgur.com/gdUSNza

Open FileZilla
Connect to your gameserver
Direct left folder explorer to extracted download
Direct right folder explorer to /garrysmod/gamemodes
Drag ‘jailbreak’ into the right folder explorer which will initiate the FTP upload
Direct right folder explorer to /garrysmod
Direct Left folder explorer to /contents
Drag ALL files/folders in the left folder explorer into the right explorer
Wait for all content to be uploaded

In your Server Parameters, set jailbreak as the starting gamemode
Also mount CSS content to your server if not done so already

Sorry but I’m new to this stuff how do I access server parameters

Do you have a web admin utility? If so
Does it look a bit like this? (Basically used across a majority of dedicated hosts, only one I know how to traverse too)

No I have not got one of them?

I should probably be asking how do you start your server…

my server was made by someone else but i have access to it through FileZilla

Ask them to set the launch parameters to set Jailbreak as the default gamemode as it’s not reliable other ways

It’s something you won’t have access to on FTP

the launch parameters have been set but i still get a LUA Error

Oh boy here we go, limited support time

post the error

This is the error i get

Put sv_kickerrornum 0 in your server.cfg.

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And then post the error from console.

What’s the server.cfg

Have you thought about doing some research/following some tutorials first before starting a server and using Filezilla

In cfg