JailBreak Server?

I have recently started a community, this community has a website but I don’t want to advertise it here that would not be right. I started this community about 2-3 months ago. Anyway, I would like a server to help the community get more popular and grow. If someone could host me a JailBreak server I would greatly appreciate it, and just comment on this post telling me you can if you wish to help me.

“Hi, if someone could give me their server and gamemode that would be great.”

Thank you for being rude :smiley:
I am asking for someone to host a server for my community with the JailBreak gamemode. No need for that post… :confused:

No. Get out.

You can’t just join Facepunch and then on the same day make a thread and expect people to give you a Gamemode that they’ve worked on and then get them to host a server which costs them money just because you asked.

Not sure if that’s optimism or just being plain stupid.

He’s probably like 12 years old.