JailBreak SWEPS

First i wish to give the credits to:
Realistic HL2 Weapons Creator:Bases
JailBreak Source Team:Models and sounds
pics:On gmod link.
Have Fun!

its a virus T_T

No it isn’t is 21MB of SWEPS of the Mod, 100% Safe.

I’m not listening to OP, so is it really a virus?

No, its the jailbreak SWEPS and Models.
PS:Update coming,wait for it before Downloading
Thanks to:All WWII SWEPS Creator for the bases

Would someone care to verify this?


Besides the OP?

I downloaded it and My anti virus went bonkers about a virus this file is NOT clean.

I’d like to see SWEPs that aren’t glorified “updates” by cramming them with the Realistic Base, but actual faithful conversions of the original weapons.

Either way, if it’s an honest archive, OP, people are reporting a virus so we suggest you scan your PC and the archive, or possibly upload to a different host.

Ok, uploaded on Gmod.org

No downloads or comments.
Ok idf some1 wants to break my reputation because im 12 years old,do it, but this isn’t cool,this is Nazi.

No, I dont believe we are racist.

Could you at least show more than two pictures?

Wait i will take more.
PS:If this gets enough popularity i will upload my 2.2 Version that is ready.


PPS:Sorry for the angryness.


Nevermind,uploading 2.2 and this version will includes best pics and fixes.


New Link:http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=77035

Well then you must have been downloading something else at the same time or your Anti Virus is retarded because it works fine for me with no problems.

Same, I didn’t find any virus’…

I’d recommend you get an avatar and add pictures to your thread.

the rocket lancher and the reble smg dont work for me every thing eltse works fine do i have 2 get 2.1 then 2.2 for them 2 work?

No delete the old and install the new

i had 2.2 they dident work

so i deleted 2.2 and got 2.1 now im overriding 2.1 with 2.2 now

scanning it right now
gmod ones fine