Jailbreak Warden/Guard/Prisoner ULX Addon

I have been trying to code this and find this for ages and I have been going crazy on my results
If there is someone who knows a good addon that changes a prisoner to guard or a guard to prisoner or could code it for me I will give you many thanks
(If you can also give me some other addons such as a kos zone addon or a last request script I would love you)

(User was banned for this post ("Gimmicky posting style - please don't use polls unless needed, underline text or bold it, thanks!" - NiandraLades))

I have difficulty reading normal text, but the underline helped me read it a bit better, I think if it was bold aswell I would have been able to read it heaps better.

Honestly if OP could just change the text color to an off white that would make it much clearer

I’m not sure what you said there, i am bad at reading non noteable text.

I don’t think you could have been looking very hard because the wiki’s example for SetTeam, is a bare bones version of what you’re looking for.