Hello Guys,

I am pritty new to this forums and this don’t make me trusted. But i am searching a scripter that can make a jailbreak script for money.
You can a price and we can discuss it all if you added me like the date when it has to be done.
I want the following things in it:

  • 2 Teams, Prisoners and Guards.
  • Prisoners get fists and guards get weapons like a famas.
  • I want it to be MYSQL (Yeah i know it is advanced).
  • A nice designed count down timer in the above screen with a nice display for the scores near it (if 0:00 then no one wins).
  • A login system ( and a simple admin system like ban kick warn and mute really basic )
  • A point shop so if you win you can buy things (like less gravity or hats) this can be a easy menu with stuff that i can add in MYSQL.
  • If you are the last prisoner you can do Last Request (automatic menu) and you can choose between mini games like no scope battle and other mini games (Details proceed later).
  • If the round ends for the 10th time the players can vote for a new map.
  • TAGS in the chat like [admin], [owner] etc.

there can come more things on this list.

Regards. (If you add me we can discuss it more).

Oh child… there already is a Jailbreak gamemode

What it sounds like you want is a slight tweak to the gamemode and an admin mod

You mean like the following?


Oh god… That stolen footage.