Are there any Garry’s Mod 13 compatible jailbreak gamemodes out there anymore?

None Of Them Are Released Yet, And The One’s That Are, Are Private

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sorry i couldn’t be of more help :stuck_out_tongue:

Making a jailbreak gamemode has to be hell easy, set up a few teams, add a map, add a derma to select if you want to be a prisoner or a guard? done

Coding gamemodes in general is not easy. unless you plan on running a sandbox server its hard.


All of the gamemodes above are complex coding to get functions right, especially with a timer based gamemode like deathrun and jailbreak. As of right now there are no easy tutorials on timers for gmod, only ones that count down to start a round which is pretty much useless in these two gamemodes.

You listed the same gamemode three times.

And it isn’t hard for timers if you understand the logic behind it.

Jailbreak relies more on engine ticks.

not that i know off

There’s one on garrysmod.org, however it’s not functional.

Best of luck to you.

The one on garrysmod.org wasn’t that great even on GM12, you would be better off hiring someone to make a Jailbreak gamemode for you.
tyguy, that would be an extremely basic Jailbreak server (even more so than the one on garrysmod.org), good luck finding players that enjoy it. The concept is easy to make, but your server will always end up being compared to LifePunch and other Jailbreak servers, those of which have put a lot of work into their gamemodes.

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All he said was “there’s a gamemode but it doesn’t work, good luck”. I’m not sure how that warrants a paragraph about something entirely unrelated.

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why jailbreak threads never accomplish anything